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Pluripatologia, cronicos, y telemonitorizacion.

Pluripatologia, cronicos, y telemonitorizacion. Algunos articulos al respecto.

La pluripatologia incrementa el consumo de recursos sanitarios.


http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2296/15/55( este ultimo desde la Uab barceloni)

La telemonitorizacion de la Hta y de la Insuficiencia cardiaca es útil

Del cual extraigo esta párrafo donde remarca la importancia del empoderamiento y educación sanitaria de estos pacientes papel clave a retocar en Valcronic.
"The benefits of telemonitoring can also be attributed to patient empowerment and its flow on effects [40]. Providing patients with the tools and education to monitor their own symptoms, vital signs, and fluctuating medication needs, empowers the patient to take an active role in their own healthcare. Improved self-management has long been recognised as a strategy to enhance outcomes in chronic disease. Given that patients largely find telemonitoring acceptable and easy to use [8,10,24,26,41-43], further research focusing on the impact of telemonitoring on self-management and the use of telemonitoring as a patient education tool would inform new models of care [44]."

La aplicacion de nuevas tecnologias al manejo de las enfermedades cronicas esta haciendo que nazca la manera de identificar que pacientes pueden beneficiarse mas de ellas. El siguiente articulo analiza un nuevo instrumento.cuestionario.
"Frequently those who are developing and testing new internet and technology based interventions need to enroll patients to test these tools. However, a recurring question is who to enroll, and how to know if the participant is capable of using the technology, and also if they are likely to use it. The PRE-HIT instrument can help researchers choose appropriate test participants. It can also be used to assess a user's readiness to use the technology and can therefore assist researchers in their statistical analyses evaluating these tools, especially in analyses examining use."

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